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About Our Studio

Why choose iLash CT?


We are a Connecticut Department of Public Health approved and licensed establishment that uses high quality products. Our Cosmetic tattoo, Brow and Lash supplies meet high safety and health standards. 


We offer customized and luxurious services. We are very passionate about helping everyone  feel their best by shortening their beauty routine and helping them feel even more beautiful and confident.

Come on and check where the magic begins!

Meet the Artist

Suzette Perez


Hello Gorgeous!


I am a licensed and experienced Esthetician, Lash Artist, Microblading and Permanent Makeup Artist. I have worked in the beauty industry for the past +10 years, starting my career as a fully licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician in RI, CT, FL and WA. I have been trained by highly renowned trainers from the USA and UK.


I have completed training in Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Nano Brows, Lips, Lash Enhancement, with Masters from the PhiAcademy and renowned trainers in the USA and internationally. Some of my in person trainers include: Kristina Menilcenco, Amber Guthery, Mary Ritcherson, Kara Gutierrez, Maya Moore, and more.


As an experienced Lash Artist since 2015, I have used various lash products and have trained with trainers from the US, UK and Poland: Novalash, Flawless Lashes by Loretta, Frankie Widdows, Lashmakers, The Lash Collection, Starlash Academy and Lash Box LA.


Being a Navy wife gave me the opportunity to learn, experience and work across the Southeastern Connecticut area, Rhode Island, North and Central Florida, and the Pacific North West in Washington state.


As a former Chemist, I practice and promote the highest standards of safety, health, and sanitation. My expertise includes creating a natural to glamorous look depending on the clients’ lifestyle and needs. It is very important for me to keep my skills current with the latest trends and products in the beauty industry by expanding my training and attending workshops. I take pride in my work and I want my clients to receive the best service!

Can't wait to working with you soon!

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